Night Sweat: How Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Help

Night sweats can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. The symptoms are caused by the cessation of menses due to the decrease in ovarian function. Clinical signs include involuntary hot flushes, excessive perspiration in the evening, night, and even throughout the day. Our treatment protocol for dealing with night sweats is balancing the female hormones, thus stopping abnormal perspiration.

If you are looking for a natural solution to night sweats, then you have come to the right place. We offer acupuncture and all-natural herbal remedy that will help you get more sleep and feel better during the day.

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Nigth Sweat Natural Hormone Balancing

Nigth Sweat Natural Hormone Balancing

Are you bothered by night sweats?

Night sweat of menopause is caused by the cessation of menses due to the decrease in ovarian function. Clinical symptoms include involuntary hot flushes, excessive perspiration in the evening, night, and even throughout the day. Restless sleep and mood swings, emotional instability can be associated with night sweats. The leading cause of night sweat in women during menopause is an imbalance in female hormones. Chinese medicine interpreted as kidney Yin deficiency with deficiency heat. The treatment of night sweats is to balance the hormones and stop the abnormal perspiration.

Night Sweats

The best treatment to stop or reverse night sweats is to find out the cause and correct it. The leading cause of night sweats in women with menopause is hormone imbalance. The most important hormone to know is TSH. Its function is to regulate the pituitary gland. To regulate ovulTSH deficiency's main symptoms are frequent and sudden sweating, which occurs mainly in women during hot summer months, at night and in the morning. One should check TSH to get an indication for severity. A diagnosis of hormonal imbalance is needed to find the solution. The best treatment course to reduce or stop night sweats is to suppress the symptoms and correct the hormone imbalance. In this process, the pituitary gland increases the production of the necessary hormone.

Acupuncture for night sweats

Acupuncture treatments help patients to have a more comfortable night rest. The most common symptom of night sweats in clinical practice is hormonal night sweats. Typical treatment is applying acupuncture combined with herbal medicine. Pulsed electrical stimulation, known as electroacupuncture, is commonly used for non-surgical treatment. The electrical stimulation treatments usually involve contacting two or more needles with a mild electric current, often applied in a low current and lasting less than 30 minutes. Light touch acupressure is also used to stop excessive sweating.

Chinese herbal medicine for night sweats

There are six general kinds of Chinese herbs which help alleviate night sweats: Topical application of herbal ointments made of Chinese herbs in combination with fragrant lotus flower ointment. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment for night sweats in women. The TCM uses herbal medicine to balance the hormones. Fumigation or tincture using Chinese herbs with jasmine essential oil. Traditional Chinese medicine for night sweats uses a pure plant-based herbal formula. Therefore, the side effects of herbal remedy are very uncommon.  More importantly, herbal treatment does not develop any dependency and can stop once the treatment is acomplished.

How to stop night sweats

Relief from night sweats, To stop night sweats, first look at the problem causing them. Caffeine, soybean and rapeseed oil were identified as problems causing night sweat. So, the patient will start taking less caffeine, extra doses of soybean oil and rapeseed oil. Those mentioned above, acupuncture therapy can accompany traditional Chinese medicine. This will help find the cause and cure the condition. 2. Fertility treatment fertility problems are mainly linked to Yin and Yang's balance, known as Yin deficiency. Acupuncture therapy can improve low fertility and pregnancy issues. Also, when Yin deficiency of menopause symptoms come together, one can get the desired results.


Night Sweats can be very embarrassing for women. It's important to take action to stop them before they start. You need the best treatment for night sweats, one that is safe, effective and affordable. Acupuncture for menopause is just that! We have helped thousands of women getting their lives back from this debilitating condition. Click here to learn more about how you can finally stop your night sweats and reclaim your life!

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