Healing Crisis - Ming Xuan Reactions

What is Healing Crisis?

Healing Crisis is the reactions incurred after medicine or acupuncture treatment, also known as "reverse reaction", "adjustment reaction", "healthy reaction", or "immune reaction".

Healing crisis shows headaches and migraines

A healing crisis may show headaches and migraines.

Healing Crisis reactions are the very evidence of the efficacy of your treatment! Chi's recovery (a basic TCM concept, synonymous with "vital energy";) is a sign of effectiveness! When your medicine or Qi arrives at the root cause of a disease, you will feel uncomfortable or even painful, like "it is the darkest before dawn".

According to traditional Chinese medicine, "If no Ming Xuan reactions occur after the treatment, then the root of the disease is not treated, and the disease is not touched". All those responses are the effects of promoting the human body's self-healing ability, cell regeneration of internal organs, and activating meridians' transmission mechanism. Such reactions are inevitable metabolism necessary for radical improvement.

The notions of Healing Crisis

The famous traditional Chinese medicine notion is that "you are not recovering if no Ming Xuan reaction appears". "Ming Xuan reaction" is not a side effect but a natural phenomenon during effective conditioning for human body organs. It shows the fight of the body's potential energy (vital Qi) against pathogenic factors with the aid of medicine. The patient will eventually turn for the better. The Ming Xuan reaction is an excellent physiological phenomenon in which pathogenic factors and toxins are channelled off and removed from the body. But if pathogenic factors and toxins removal is not complete, the disease or illness will come back someday. However, the disease symptoms seem to alleviate, and the patient appears to get better. It is like "if removal of weeds without their roots dug up, they would grow again".

According to Chinese medicine, "reverse reaction" is evidence of a positive prescription. As a result of treatment, it shows the efficacy of medication or therapy in stimulating the body's natural healing ability. It helps patients recuperate and promote cell metabolism to sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Besides, it is an appropriate and active response but not a warning one.

A healing crisis may need some patience.

A healing crisis may need some patience.

What Do I Need to do with Healing Crisis?

When you have the Ming Xuan reactions, the right attitude is: to take things as they come, let them be and bear the reactions calmly without excessive expectations.

The momentary feelings are indeed somewhat uncomfortable. But if such painful feelings can bring us through recovery, it will be worthy. However, if you still have concerns about your healing crisis reactions, please do not hesitate to contact your treating acupuncturist. 

What are the Symptoms of a Healing Crisis?

Most patients who receive Adelaide acupuncture treatment have the following sensations or symptoms:

  1. Pruritus, pain, rash, chickenpox, fester, petechial, yawn, sneeze, cough and other symptoms similar to cold (all these are mild reactions)
  2. As a rule, you feel incredibly itching before your wound heals. So you will understand that itching is the signal of recovery.
  3. Sweat, nasal mucus, tears, phlegm, saliva, abnormal faeces and urine (colour, shape, stench, diarrhoea, or quantity and frequency)
  4. Characteristics of diarrhoea: as a rule, in a typical case, the patient will feel general weakness after several occurrences of diarrhoea. But after diarrhoea, the above feeling will not happen during a healing crisis.
  5. Local heat: the principle is similar to heat generation by heating the wire of an electric cooker during a power connection. The electric resistance is high, while ordinary cables do not generate heat. Pyrexia at the cervical vertebra or scapula is often related to heart trouble, and other heats vary from area to area in terms of its cause.
  6. Some patients feel chilly after treatment.

To sum up, the point of the body where you feel uncomfortable is where the cause of your disease lies. So you may deduce where your trouble used to be by knowing where you feel uncomfortable;

People may fall with various diseases, while other patients react differently. The same illness will respond differently at different times, and stage - health will recover when conditions are ripe.

According to TCM, Healing Crisis; is evidence for an effective prescription. It is an appropriate and active response and not a warning response. Most importantly, it shows the efficacy of medication or treatment in stimulating the natural healing ability. It helps with recuperating and promotes cell metabolism to sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

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