First Visit at City Acupuncture Pain Clinic

The exciting journey of healing arts in the first visit is awaiting! Focusing on your health and committing to a healthy lifestyle are the best steps you can take for your well-being.

“Lingering diseases are still curable. Those who regard such diseases as incurable have not mastered the skills.” 

– Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine · Spiritual Pivot
《黄帝内经 · 素问》

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
– Lao-Tzu

First visits generally last about one hour at Adelaide City Acupuncture. During this time, we aim to provide our patients with the best possible personalised natural healthcare services and make them feel in good hands. 

First Visit Before Acupuncture Treatment

Before your treatment starts, your acupuncturist will collect detailed health history, perform a physical exam, and provide you with your personalised treatment plan. Meanwhile, your acupuncturist will get to know you and your health concerns during your first visit. We also will need to collect some information about your symptoms, eating, exercise, sleep habits, and emotional states. In addition, your practitioner will employ diagnostic tools unique to acupuncture and TCM, such as tongue and pulse diagnosis, to find the root cause.

Before the in, there are several things you should bear in mind. Firstly, many commonly used acupuncture points are on the lower arms and legs, so clothing that allows easy access to these areas is helpful. Secondly, try not to go for treatment on an empty stomach or after a heavy meal. Most importantly, let your acupuncturist know if you are entirely new to acupuncture. So we can take extra time to explain what will happen and ensure you are comfortable with the process.

Information Collection In The First Visit

First Visit Laser acupuncture to hands

Painless laser acupuncture for hands

During your first session, we must thoroughly understand your main complaint and general health and lifestyle. This procedure involves asking questions about your current symptoms, medical history, sleeping pattern, appetite and digestion, and emotional wellbeing. We will also take your pulse on both wrists, examine your tongue, and feel for muscular tension or pain areas. Moreover, We may also ask for women's menstrual cycle, past pregnancies, and childbirth history. Some questions might be unrelated to your condition. Still, your information helps us form a complete picture of your health and lifestyle.

Your Main Health Complaint 

When talking about your main complaint, it will be beneficial if you describe the symptoms and severity. You may also tell us how long you have had the constant or intermittent symptoms and how frequent they are. You should mention any medication you are taking and whether you have tried other therapies. We will also want to know more specific details to make a diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine and find the right treatment approach.

Your Acupuncture Treatment Plan In The First Visit

Once we have collected enough information, you'll receive a comprehensive diagnosis and a treatment plan that will explain:

  • Your underlying imbalances
  • The goal of achievement
  • Your timeline of care
  • What types of treatment you will receive

The treatment plan may also suggest whether herbal medicine, lifestyle and dietary advice are necessary. 

Initial Acupuncture Treatment In The First Visit

First Visit Traditonal acupuncture treatment for knee pain

Traditional acupuncture treatment for knee pain

After the information is collected and you agree upon a treatment plan. The acupuncture treatment will commence. Your practitioner will use tiny single-use pre-sterilised needles inserted into the selected acupuncture points to stimulate a specific system in the body. Because meridian channels run across the whole body, the points used are not necessarily close to where you experience pain or discomfort. For example, needles might be inserted into your foot or hand if you suffer headaches.

Getting the most out of treatment

To get the best treatment results, please keep a few things in mind:

  • Show up on time, so you will not be in a hurry and disturb your energy (Chi) flow;
  • Avoid a large meal before your visit;
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothes so that you can be more relaxed during the treatment;
  • Make sure to discuss any concerns or questions with your acupuncturist before or during the treatment;
  • Do not overexertion, and take medication or alcohol for at least six hours after treatment;
  • Follow your treatment plan between visits;
  • Keep all your appointments, as each visit builds upon the previous ones.

How Acupuncture Treatment Works

First Visit pulse taking

Acupuncture first visit pulse taking

We will use fine, sterile needles at specific acupuncture points along the meridian pathways to treat health imbalances. Meanwhile, your treatment in the first visit will concentrate on acupuncture points related to particular organs based on your unique issues and symptoms. Your acupuncturist may also integrate other therapies into your acupuncture treatment. And those therapies may include cupping, remedial massage or moxibustion (topical herbal spray and heat application). 

Herbal medicine is another essential aspect of your treatment and may be involved when necessary. Understanding and following your practitioner's directions is crucial to benefit from these treatments.

Your Role in The Healing Process

Your actions are a vital component of achieving the goal of your treatment plan that formed in the first visit. The best steps you can take for your health care by focusing on your health and committing to a healthy lifestyle. Together, you and your acupuncturist at City Acupuncture can heal your imbalances and help you achieve harmony and balance. Even after your symptoms are gone, acupuncture can help maintain your health and possibly prevent future health issues.

Is acupuncture not an instant fix? It depends. 

True healing takes time and dedication. Depending on your current condition, you could feel better immediately. You may need treatments for weeks or even months to achieve the desired results. However, two or three sessions would be sufficient for the pulled muscle from the previous misuse and muscular strain. Your acupuncturist will give you an idea of what to expect. Acupuncture and TCM offer holistic health care. This natural approach can resolve both symptoms and enhance your general health. By taking the proper steps and planting the seeds of health, you are on the road to a healthier you! With some patience and an open mind, you'll be on your way to health and harmony.

Lifestyle Advice With Treatment Plan

Your acupuncturist will suggest ways in which you can enhance the long-term effects of your treatment. Those suggestions may involve making changes to your diet and daily routine. You could be referred to other healthcare practitioners for specialist care if necessary.

After-effects of Acupuncture Treatment In The First Visit

First Visit Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage

Most people find acupuncture treatment relaxing and feel very calm after a treatment. Some of our patients may feel a little tired or sleepy after the first session. It would be best to avoid vigorous exercise right after treatment and give yourself some good rest. Please consider if you plan to have a long drive or use heavy machinery immediately after your treatment. We also recommend not to drink alcohol immediately after treatment.

Acupuncture has few side effects, and any that occur are usually mild and self-correcting. A small portion of our patients may experience their condition worsening because of the treatment. If these symptoms happen to you, please remain calm because it is part of your healing process. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact your practitioner. You may also refer to our article about Healing Crisis; it will provide more information about the worsening symptoms and how to handle them. Cupping and Scraping therapy can sometimes leave temporary marks on the skin. Such bruising is harmless and generally clears within a day or two.

We hope you will find your healing journey on your first visit to City Acupuncture enjoyable, relaxing and successful.