Feng Shui for a Healthy Home


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all of life is influenced by seasonal cycles.  You are probably familiar with this in acupuncture, but did you know that these cycles also affect your home?

The practice of making a home “healthy” is called Feng Shui.  By directing the flow of Qi through your home in a balanced way, you can create an environment that promotes health and happiness to everyone who lives in it.  Feng Shui gives rules to harmonise yourself with your home.

There are many ways that Qi is balanced in a home.  Choosing harmonious colours, shapes and symbols, placing furniture auspiciously or strategically hanging wind chimes or mirrors are standard Feng Shui practices.

Good Feng Shui for Winter

Light up your home to balance the darkness.  Light natural beeswax or soy candles, and make a fire in the fireplace.  Hang strings of light even beyond the holiday season.

Warm-up your home with the colour red or orange.  Red, gold or orange pillows, rugs, throws, lampshades and pictures all bring warmth to your home.

Cool your home with blue and silver.  With all the lights and red decorations, sometimes a home can become too hot.  Emotions can run high, and holiday gatherings can get too heated.  If your home is too hot, focus on white and silver for your holiday theme.  These light colours bring coolness to your home.

Decorate with waves. Winter is a season of water, and its shape is wavy.  Move decorations with wavy patterns to prominent locations.

Clean your home for the New Year.  The New Year is a time to declutter, organise and clean.

Smudge your home with cedar.  Smudging gets rid of negative energy and gives your home a fresh start.

Self help acupressure point Ki-6

Avoid blues in damp areas.  Winter is the season of water.  Remove blue decorations from the bathroom to avoid having too much water in one location.

Enjoy gatherings with loved ones.  Winter is a time to connect.

Pause, reflect and be quiet.  It’s great to spend time meditating in the winter.  Create a cozy corner and enjoy being dead.

Points Towards Health

Kidney 6

Location: In the small indentation, approximately 1 inch directly below the inside ankle bone.

Function: Used for painful, swollen and sore throat, tightness in the throat, painful and red eyes, sleep disturbances, dizziness, irregular and painful menstruation, post-partum difficulties, genital problems, chest fullness, leg tightness, heavy limbs, ankle and foot pain.