Cystic Acne Acupuncture Treatment

Optimal treatment requires use of acupuncture and herbs to target various aspects of acne. Acupuncture points and herbs with regulatory effects on the hormones, infection and obstruction treat cystic acne safely and effectively.

"As soon as we notice that certain types of events 'like' to cluster together at certain times, we begin to understand the Chinese, whose theories of medicine, philosophy, and even building are based on a 'science' of meaningful coincidences." - Marie-Louise von Franz

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Girl with cystic acne and after treatment of clear skin.

Cystic Acne is the formation of comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts due to obstruction and inflammation of hair follicles and the sebaceous gland.

Acne is a common disorder in youths and is becoming more common in older individuals (up to age 40) due to new dietary and lifestyle habits that consist of fatty foods, nutritional and environmental toxins cystic acne.

Individuals who are more prone to be affected include youths experiencing hormonal fluctuations, women who have irregular menstruation, and people who suffer from excessive stress due to work, family, or other emotional factors.

Types of Acne

Commonly seen acne types in the clinic include inflammatory types (papules, pustules, cysts) and non-inflammatory types (blackheads, whiteheads).

Modern research has found that acne is closely tied to hormonal imbalances – acne in young women is most often related to menstrual cycles. Overproduction of testosterone can cause pore enlargement and production of sebaceous glands, leading to acne all over the body.

Acne can also be caused by improper hygiene, leading to the excessive growth of acne-causing bacteria. Regrettably, acne is not viewed as a severe disorder, with most people carrying the viewpoint that it will naturally dissipate after age 25. However, if not treated properly, acne may leave behind scarring [physically and emotionally], leading to a lifetime of self-esteem issues.

What is Acupuncture?

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Painless acupuncture performed on face locally for clear skin and wrinkle reduction.

Acupuncture is a type of ancient medicine. Its use goes back centuries, especially in Asian countries. It is used for many health issues. This practice involves placing needles into specific points on the body. The purpose is to balance Qi. Qi is the life force or flow of energy moving through the meridians in the body. Meridians are pathways. By placing needles in specific points, this works to rebalance the flow of energy in the extremities.

When using acupuncture for cystic acne, the practitioner will find the points that may require rebalancing. This might help to reduce your acne.

What is Cystic Acne?

This type of acne happens when the pores are blocked, causing inflammation and infection. The cysts are usually on the face, but they may also occur on the upper arms and trunk. Cystic acne is the most severe form of this skin condition. The following are common with cystic breakouts:

  • Large white bump
  • Painful or tender when touching the cysts
  • Cysts that are large and filled with pus
  • Redness

Cystic breakouts develop below the surface of the skin. If you do not get prompt acne treatments, the breakouts may last for a long time. They can also cause permanent scars in some cases.

This condition is most common when you are a teen or in your early 20s. Men experience it more often than men. However, both genders can develop the cysts at almost any age between eight and 50.

How Acupuncture Treats Cystic Acne

Acne has different root causes for different people. It would be best if you targeted acne treatments to the causative factors associated with your breakouts. When you go to your evaluation for acupuncture for cystic acne, your practitioner will look at your skin and make a note of its general health. They will also look at your cysts. This helps ensure that the practitioner tailors this form of Chinese medicine for acne specifically to your needs.

Forms of Acne in Chinese Medicine

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Compare before and after acne treatment.

A common way is called lung heat. This type occurs as black or whiteheads around the nose, cheeks, and forehead. It can also develop on the upper back and chest. The higher the level of toxicity and heat, the more redness, pustules, inflammation, and papules you will have.

Stomach dampness and heat is another type. With this form, inflamed cysts develop around the mouth. Stomach toxicity and temperature are also associated with back breakouts. Dampness occurs in the formation of cysts and oily skin.

Clue of Qi Balance

Your digestive system and women’s menstrual cycles can often provide clues about the state of your qi balance. Since your digestive system works to eliminate toxins, specific symptoms can tell you that your qi is out of balance. Look for these symptoms:

  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Acid reflux
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain

Around your menstrual cycle, it is not uncommon for breakouts to worsen. This can be a sign of blood and qi stagnation. Frustration and stress can also cause qi stagnation.

Using this form of Chinese medicine for acne may help correct any qi imbalance that might be causing your breakouts. Practitioners tailor acupuncture to your specific needs. This ensures that they thoroughly address the root cause of your breakouts. Every person has a different acupuncture point prescription.

Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture uses points that are close to your breakouts. Your practitioner will also target points that run along the meridians that work to trigger qi movement, balance hormones, reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. Once they map it out, they will let you know where to expect the needle's placement.

What to Expect During Your Acupuncture Session

Before receiving acupuncture or Chinese medicine treatment for acne, it is essential to get some details on this procedure. This makes it easier for you to prepare for your appointment.

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Every shade of beauty can benefit from natural acupuncture treatment for improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles.

Acupuncture for cystic acne typically starts with an evaluation. This is where your practitioner will evaluate your health and skin to determine how to use acupuncture for cystic acne most effectively. In most cases, they will perform your first acupuncture session after this evaluation.

During your evaluation for acupuncture, it is crucial to inform your practitioner about any medications you take, herbs or supplements. Tell them about everything you use for wellness. It would help if you also told him or her about any medical conditions you have. Practitioners use this information to create your acupuncture treatment plan.

Needing several acupuncture acne treatments is common. For severe cysts, you usually need more treatments. Your practitioner will help you to develop a schedule. This ensures that you are receiving this form of Chinese medicine for acne at the right intervals.

We Can Help With All Types of Acne

Chinese acne medicine has a low risk of side effects. When they happen, they are usually mild. Medications for cysts are sometimes harsh. There is a higher risk of side effects with medications.

With this information, it is easier to see why Chinese acne medicine might be worth trying. You can typically combine it with other acne treatments. Just check with your doctor and practitioner to ensure safety. To learn more about acupuncture for cystic acne and how we might be able to help you, call us to set up your appointment today.

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