Stress And Anxiety Acupuncture

Even though acupuncture has been used as a standard healing technique in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years, it still remains an enigma to much of the Western world. Many people view acupuncture as therapy for chronic pain. Yet a significant amount of research shows that acupuncture can help in the treating anxiety which affects over 260 million people globally. At Acupuncture Adelaide TCM Clinic Pain Clinic, we strive to help our patients achieve harmony between their physical and mental health.

What is Acupuncture?

Our clinic embraces the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture that is centred around inserting needles into parts of the body to stimulate pressure points. By doing this, our practitioners rectify disparities in the vital life force (Qi) through pathways called meridians. This practice is rooted in the harmony of the five elements known as water, fire, metal, and earth and their interaction with the flow of Qi energy. In contrast to Western medicine, our team appreciates the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. At the Acupuncture Adelaide TCM Clinic Pain Clinic, we utilize acupuncture as a therapeutic tool for relieving stress, anxiousness, sleeping disorders, and emotional disturbances.

Anxiety is the most common form of pervasive emotional disturbances worldwide. Most people feel a certain degree of anxiousness as a normal aspect of life, however, people with anxiety disorders do not receive relief from these intense emotions. In fact, feelings usually increase over time. These emotions can cause a great deal of stress and frustration and hinder daily interactions at work and with family or friends. When a person with an anxiety disorder experiences stress, the mind can go into overload and is unable to handle stressful emotions. Anxiety disorders fall under an umbrella of various mental disturbances, some of which include:

Panic disorder. Individuals feel a terror that strikes randomly. Panic attacks induce excessive sweating, chest pain, and irregular heart beating. Some people may think they are having a heart attack.

Generalized anxiety disorder. People experience an unreasonable and enormous degree of tension, frustration, and worry.

Social phobia disorder. This disorder is manifested by immense worry, frustration, and unease about common social situations. There is an overwhelming obsession regarding being judged, mocked or embarrassed.

Phobias. There is an acute terror of certain objects or situations that can result in frustration and will cause individuals to go to great lengths to avoid everyday situations.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This disorder develops when a person experiences an event that is frightening or dangerous. A person with PTSD may become terrified or shaken when there is no danger present.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This is a chronic disorder that causes a person to have recurring thoughts or exhibit repetitive behaviours or compulsions that cannot be controlled.

Although the symptoms can vary, these disorders all display common characteristics of excessive fear, stress, and overall anxiousness that can result in a debilitating impact on daily functioning. Nevertheless, anxiety disorders do share some of the following symptoms that are also common in a variety of emotional disturbances:

  • Nausea
  • Frustration
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Dry mouth
  • Tense muscles
  • Sleeping Disorders or insomnia
  • Negative thoughts
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fear, panic, and unease
  • Inability to stay still and calm
  • Feeling cold, numb or sweaty

Conventional Western physicians have identified many causes and treatment plans for anxiety disorders. As with other types of emotional disturbances, it is believed that they can develop from a combination of issues such as stress, genetics, and biochemical factors. In many cases, these disorders are treated with medications, psychotherapy or both. Yet therapy may take months before results can be felt, and medication can have undesirable side effects. For this reason, more people are turning to acupuncture as a complementary therapy for treating anxiousness, sleeping disorders as well as other common emotional disturbances.

How Acupuncture Works With Emotional Disturbances

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the Qi energy force regulates health and wellness and flows throughout the body through pathways or meridians. When environmental factors create a disruption in the flow of energy, health problems occur. By stimulating specific pressure points, the Qi becomes balanced, and a feeling of contentment is achieved.

During the procedure, an acupuncturist inserts needles a half millimetre away from a person’s nerve. Based on where the needle is placed, the nervous system will activate the body's organic ability to heal itself. It can also stimulate the area of the brain that controls emotions such as frustration. Consequently, individuals feel more centred which is why our clinic uses this technique in treating a variety of mental disturbances.

Ancient Chinese medicine views anxiety as an unbalanced state of the heart and kidneys. According to the principal of the five elements, fire signifies the heart while joy and water represent the kidneys and fear. An overload of heat in the heart will create an uneven interaction with the kidneys that can cause anxiousness. Stimulating points around the heart, kidneys, ears, and spleen are the therapeutic technique acupuncturists use to treat anxiety.

Acupuncture and Sleeping Disorders

Our clinic understands how good quality sleep is an essential component for healthy living. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners believe sleeping disorders are caused by an unbalanced heart mixed with stress and poor eating habits. These factors create a stagnation of Qi. The inactivity of vital energy allows heat to flow to the heart which is the home of the mind and spirit. As a result, the overheating of the heart causes sleeping disorders.

At Acupuncture Adelaide TCM Clinic Pain Clinic we believe that acupuncture can provide an effective and safe alternative to obtaining a restful sleep. We utilize acupuncture to attack the root of the imbalance in the body that causes sleeping disorders. Therefore, individuals who turn to acupuncture in the treatment of most emotional disturbances including insomnia, achieve a night of restful sleep, less frustration and stress resulting in improved mental stability.

More people are turning to acupuncture as an alternative to treating anxiousness, sleeping disorders, and other emotional disturbances that cause extreme frustration in daily living. Current research and anecdotal evidence have revealed that acupuncture is effective in relieving stress and promoting wellness. At Acupuncture Adelaide TCM Clinic Pain Clinic, our skilled Chinese medical practitioners offer a wide array of methodologies that are appropriate and effective in treating children, elderly patients, and adults. Contact us to learn how we can improve your overall physical and emotional health. Tell us about your needs, and we will help you attain and maintain your health and wellness goals.

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Since 1996, we have led the effort to promote painless acupuncture as a fast relieving natural treatment to tens of thousands of Australian.

City Acupuncture Pain Clinic offers gentle but powerful laser and traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment in Adelaide CBD. All health funds recognise our registered acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners. Therefore, rebate claims are very efficient and straightforward through HICAPS facilities onsite. In your first visit, we start working with preliminary examinations such as pulse taking, tongue checking, physical palpation, and assessment. Then we will collect all related information about your diet, overall lifestyle, exposure to toxins, hereditary factors and medications. Consequently, by working with both the symptoms and cause, we will form a treatment plan for your approval and treatments to follow. Doing so can provide the most personalised therapy with minimal side effects.

The Laser Acupuncture Adelaide's treatments are painless and non-invasive; they will not affect your daily lifestyle during the treatment plan. Your acupuncture treatment may combine with other alternative medicine, such as Chinese herbs, Tui-Na massage, cupping and laser acupuncture. It can also integrate with your other routine care and prescription medications.

Our acupuncture treatments are based on clinical evidence and will also improve your general health. Balancing the lifestyle and reducing stress can help you feel and function better.

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