Acupuncture For A Wide Range Of Disorders

Acupuncture has proven to be a great success in dealing with various disorders, chronic pain, pregnancy, fertility, weight loss, stress, and anxiety. The practice remains an option of low-cost procedure for fighting chronic and acute health issues.

Acupuncture Treats A Wide Range Of Health Issues

Acupuncture has a long, rich history of healing in traditional Chinese medicine. It can trace even further back in history with evidence of ancient Indian, European and South American people using similar treatments. Like all medical practices, only a certified practitioner can perform such treatment. Namely, only AHPRA registered practitioners can practice as acupuncturists in Australia. Although acupuncture treatment generally is safe if carried out by a qualified acupuncturist, some incidents still happen. However, in those clinical incidents, mostly where patients received treatment from unqualified acupuncturists.

Acupuncture As A Remedy for Lingering Disorders

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Acupuncture not only helps with emotional disturbance, stress and sleeping disorders but also can help with various chronic pain, unexplained infertility and period issues. At City Acupuncture, we have incorporated modern technology into the traditional practice to provide our patients with a painless remedy. By choosing us, you get access to the latest technology in acupuncture, including state-of-the-art painless laser acupuncture, GMP herbal medicine and a convenient location close to public transport. Our acupuncturists have the AHPRA registration and all health fund recognition and are highly skilled in clinical practice.

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Acupuncture Treatment Can Help With Disorders but not limited to:

  • Foot Pain - Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur, Achillis Tendonitis;
  • Lower Back Pain, Sciatica Nerve, Hip Bursitis;
  • Nerve Pain, Tingling Numbness and Trigeminal Neurogia;
  • Arm and Shoulder Pain - Shoulder Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder and Tennis Elbow;
  • Arthritis, Osteoarthritis;
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Muscular Pain;
  • TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;
  • Migraine, Headaches, Neck Pain;
  • Knee Pain, Sports Injuries.

How Can We Help

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Since 1996, we have led the effort to promote painless acupuncture as a fast relieving natural treatment to tens of thousands of Australian.

City Acupuncture Pain Clinic offers gentle but powerful laser and traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment in Adelaide CBD. All health funds recognise our registered acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners. Therefore, rebate claims are very efficient and straightforward through HICAPS facilities onsite. In your first visit, we start working with preliminary examinations such as pulse taking, tongue checking, physical palpation, and assessment. Then we will collect all related information about your diet, overall lifestyle, exposure to toxins, hereditary factors and medications. Consequently, by working with both the symptoms and cause, we will form a treatment plan for your approval and treatments to follow. Doing so can provide the most personalised therapy with minimal side effects.

The Laser Acupuncture Adelaide's treatments are painless and non-invasive; they will not affect your daily lifestyle during the treatment plan. Your acupuncture treatment may combine with other alternative medicine, such as Chinese herbs, Tui-Na massage, cupping and laser acupuncture. It can also integrate with your other routine care and prescription medications.

Our acupuncture treatments are based on clinical evidence and will also improve your general health. Balancing the lifestyle and reducing stress can help you feel and function better.

Our mission is to help you enjoyably regain your health. Thus, we will work with you to find the best treatment solution for your healthcare needs, achieving quick and lasting pain relief. Furthermore, We are conveniently located in the CBD and easily accessible through private and public transport. Email or Call Us at (08) 8221 5880 now to learn more about our excellence in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, or schedule your consultation online today.