Acupuncture effective for headaches

Man suffering headache at home, acupuncture for headache can help

Man sick headache at home, acupuncture for headache can help.

Acupuncture is useful for the treatment of tension headaches, according to a Cochrane review.

Acupuncture was also useful for migraine prophylaxis -- however, sham acupuncture had the same effect.

The review found patients with frequent episodic or chronic tension headaches responded better to acupuncture than primary care for many headache days and pain intensity. Of patients who received acupuncture, 47% reported at least a halving in the number of headache days. This compared with 16% of patients receiving primary care.


Migraine patients treated with acupuncture were found to have a higher response rate and fewer migraines after 3-4 months than those with no prophylactic treatment or with routine care only.

"True" acupuncture for tension headaches was found to have slightly better results than sham acupuncture, where the needles are placed at non-acupuncture points.

But for migraines, there was no significant difference between the two types of acupuncture.

The authors suggested that sham acupuncture had direct physiological effects that acted on mechanisms relevant to migraine symptoms.

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Cochrane Library

2009; Issue 1.